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What if I received incorrect item(s) from my order?


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  • Steve Williams

    OK here we go again, I received the wrong Item weeks ago and your support team has totally ignored me. I need to get the correct item or at least have you send a return label so you can get your merchandise back and I can buy somewhere else. The last time I had any conversation with your company you said the case was closed. I never agreed to anything being closed, as your company has never offered me a solution to your mistake. I will send multiple a request every day until I get a resolution to this matter. furthermore not one person has called me to discuss this matter. This is completely unprofessional. You have an obligation to make this right by us. I in good faith spent money up front for your merchandise and you mistakenly sent the wrong item. I have done nothing wrong on my end of the transaction. The mistake is all on you. You have taken my money and ignored me. This is just wrong.

    Steve Williams:  order No. HGC3299-7283 


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