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  • Tobi Urick

    Would like an answer on when my pd dining room set is coming or I’ll cancel my order

  • SweetBaby Fang

    Hi Tobi! Today is 12/13/19 and I still have not received an order I placed in April 2019. I had a few brief exchanges with a guy a named Steven and he really gave me the run around about why my chair had not shipped. Excuses ranged from “the warehouse isn’t responding to my request” to citing the wildfires in CA. Then, he just stopped responding. Anyway even though more than six months passed my credit card company said they will reverse the charges (yes, I had paid for the $400+ chair in full). I bought my chair through Barstool Direct which is a Peazz company... and I was horrified to see that the BBB no longer supports them (because they support almost every business!!). Anyway, my recommendation is to file a complaint with your credit card company sooner than later. You can always buy another piece of furniture but if you wait too long you may not be able to get your money back! Good luck.

  • Steve Williams

    Best thing to do is file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at

    That's what I did. They sent us the wrong item and then never would respond to us with anything other than the same lame automated message. They do not care about their customers only their bottom line, that is obvious. Our company will never buy from them again and neither will I personally.

  • Steve Williams

    OK here we go again, I received the wrong Item weeks ago and your support team has totally ignored me. I need to get the correct item or at least have you send a return label so you can get your merchandise back and I can buy somewhere else. The last time I had any conversation with your company you said the case was closed. I never agreed to anything being closed, as your company has never offered me a solution to your mistake. I will send multiple a request every day until I get a resolution to this matter. furthermore not one person has called me to discuss this matter. This is completely unprofessional. You have an obligation to make this right by us. I in good faith spent money up front for your merchandise and you mistakenly sent the wrong item. I have done nothing wrong on my end of the transaction. The mistake is all on you. You have taken my money and ignored me. This is just wrong.

    Steve Williams:  order No. HGC3299-7283 

  • Dsinwisc








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