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Where is my order?



  • Smallard

    I placed an order for a sunslinger deer feeder October 14th, 2020. I stopped getting updates on a backorder for this product. When I ordered it site said 4 in stock. Now site says 9 in stock. Where the hell is my order. Tired of being strung out. Not even another backorder delay due to covid line.

  • Mari Anne Brocker Curry

    Like Smallard above said, my item was listed as in stock and ships quickly when I ordered. Don't believe it. Each time I submit a ticket your team says you should reopen the following month to fulfill my order. Most recently I was told your warehouse would reopen on March 3, 2021.

    It is MAY 28, 2021, it has been a year and I STILL HAVE NO UPDATE AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE PRODUCT I ORDERED AND PAID FOR IN JUNE OF 2020. This was a father's day gift for last year and it is almost father's again.

    I have yet to receive an update on my order or confirmation of your promise to expedite shipping. I have asked for a manager or supervisor several times and have never been given a number. When I call the number on your website, there are no service representatives available.

    I cannot express enough how disappointed I am with your customer service. I run a customer service center myself and understand how difficult it was during COVID. I have plenty of empathy. That said, we were able to continue to provide service and responsiveness through COVID. Even if you couldn't ship it due to ware house staffing, the communication and customer service support could have been maintained. Now, over half of the US is vaccinated, many states have lifted all restrictions and I still have no update. From my perspective COVID is no longer a viable excuse for your poor service.

  • benjamard best

    my order MDF3699-2465 it has been order since July 1st 20220 0.00 in the pass you said it waiting for shipment.   now the coversation has been drop np follow up.  please advice what should I do next.  or I need refund my money. $520.00  thanks you


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